Got to see Up last night (in 3-D!) which was incredible. It reminded me of something I wrote about a year ago and had forgotten about until last night…

“…it is meaningless to ascribe any properties or even existence to anything that has not been measured…nothing is real unless it is observed.” -The Copenhagen Interpretation of a law of Quantum Physics, as described in Quantum Physics: Illusion or Reality (source)

The measurement of an object confirms
Its existence and thus
Its dimensions become limited.
Creating tools to measure until we are measuring the tools themselves.
And yet we still crave the unknown, that without our data scribbled in the margin.
We comb silent waters and climb snowy peaks
In hurried pursuit
Of something still undiscovered:
Unfamiliar measurements whose limits we have not yet set.
The moment that they are determined
(Some new species swimming in a triumphant aquarium,
a butterfly pinned victoriously to corkboard)
Is somehow less sweet than it was to imagine them (fins of impossible color,
Wingspans the size of a barn wall) floating imperceptibly through our imaginations…
Flitting like glowing nightingales down darkened hallways.