Letting Go

I’ve been thinking a lot about control lately…mostly about things that I do not control and how to be more accepting of those things, situations, people, etc. I think that by accepting what you do not control, you gain control: you gain control of your mind again by not frivolously wasting it on worrying about those things which are out of your realm of command. And when you control your mind, you control your happiness and your life. But it’s scary too. Because somehow I think that if I think about something long enough, or someone long enough, I can change them. I will crack the code, find the secret key, do the magic dance and fix it. So letting go is a pretty brave thing to do because you’re admitting that you do not have control and that you do not need to control that person/situation/fact of life in order to be happy. Instead, you take happiness into your own hands, another scary thing for human beings since we so often associate happiness with the external. But I think we can do it. What do you think?
So, if you have something you need to let go of, and if you want to breathe a collective sigh of releif with me, a cathartic release, a throw your hands in the air overboard motion of acceptance and all the wonderful courage that will follow, then let’s do it together on
be brave little piglets! I know you can.