This is a poem about feelings and how, even though some feelings feel better than other feelings, it’s important to pay attention to the feelings that don’t feel good, too. They are all there for a reason.


Being in a still
I saw
All the things
That made me grey
The things that made me yellow
The shades of blue and red
That came

Easily I saw
That one was not more than another
That there were all these shades and colors
For a reason
And they rose and fell
Like a locket on a chest
With the rhythm of a breath

That I
Was not to change the sequence
Or the shades upon my breast
The one that lay upon my thigh
The green upon my hand
That touched
The gold against my neck

Rather, they were there
For me to see
The way they came and went
Shadows sliding on my spine
Light in sinew
Red like wine

Closer than I’ve ever been
To what I am
Which is not me at all
But simply all the colors I have seen;
All the colors I have ever been.